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Spiritual Spinal Alignment

With spiritual spinal alignment the spine gets straightened using energetic techniques. This can help correct issues such as pelvic and shoulder misalignments or leg length discrepancies. In this process, the energy balance is restored, and any imbalance is resolved. The body's energy is significantly increased, giving it more strength to understand problems and dissolve blockages. The process is highly individual and can take anywhere from a few days to several months.

150,- €

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Spinal Alignment Helps

Spiritual spinal alignment has nothing in common with the flow of energies like Reiki. It occurs on the level of consciousness. As a result, positive effects on the body are immediate.

Hope for people with the following conditions:


Joint pain and osteoarthritis: knee, hip, ankle, jaw joint



Tinnitus, migraines, ADHD, asthma, respiratory disorders



Blockages of the spine, atlas, and SI joint (sacroiliac joint)



Body misalignments: shoulder, pelvis, leg length discrepancy, and scoliosis


Pelvis pain and SI joint during pregnancy and postpartum - Anxiety and depression

My Way To Spiritual Spinal Alignment

My first patient was my wife. She had two lumbar disc herniations in her life, the second of which required surgery. Since the incident, she had been suffering from chronic lower back pain. When I learned about spiritual spinal alignment, I had to try it immediately. My wife was asked to sit and lie down. She had a leg length discrepancy of about 1 cm, shoulder pain, and lower back pain. After the alignment, she stood up pain-free, was able to move freely, and even danced around the room. The leg length discrepancy was also corrected.


I spent my whole life searching for knowledge and enlightenment. Along the way, I encountered many things. In my early 20s, I met my guru, who introduced me to yoga. Some time later, I learned Reiki up to the fourth degree, meditated, and continued to educate myself. However, after 20 years of spiritual practice, enlightenment had not come. I studied music and classical singing and spent a decade performing as an opera singer on stages across Europe. In recent years, I worked in various startups in Berlin as a Key Account Manager.


Significant events in life and guides always come unexpectedly and without prior notice. This was also true at the birth of my son in 2020. On the day of delivery, there were serious complications. My wife and I feared for our child's life. I turned to the universe, God, the highest principle, and from the depths of my heart, I asked for my son to live and be healthy. Our son made it and is perfectly healthy. In return, I promised that if my son lived and I had proof of God's existence, I would dedicate my life to serving this highest intelligence.


Even half a year after my son’s birth, I still did not know how to live in service to this higher intelligence. I gave up searching for a way and simply hoped for a sign. Shortly thereafter, I recognized my true self. My inner voice told me that I must not keep this knowledge to myself and must start sharing it freely. Again, I didn’t know how to do this. The shortest route led me to my phone and the TikTok app, which I had never used before. I began making videos. Since that realization, my experience deepens daily.

How Does Spinal Alignment Work?

The body's self-healing process is triggered, initiating a transformation that can extend over weeks and months. A sense of lightness and joy naturally sets in. We also regain the memory of carefree times that we lost along our way. Our lives realign, and we begin to live as we are meant to. Spiritual spinal alignment is always in the present moment. Through this process, we are back on the path of our higher self. Our soul is free to develop as it was meant to from birth and is no longer blocked.

Spiritual spinal alignment works for all living beings with a soul, including animals. It is performed face-to-face and can be entirely contactless or, if necessary, with minimal touches on the body. It also works remotely, as it operates beyond space and time. It always happens in the present moment.

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