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About Dan Lexow

I spent my whole life searching for knowledge and enlightenment. Along this journey, I encountered many things. In my early twenties, I met my guru, who initiated me into yoga. Later on, I pursued Reiki training up to the Master- Teacher Level engaged in meditation, and continued to educate myself. True enlightenment came with the birth of my son. In the years leading up to the pandemic, I worked in various companies in Berlin as a Key Account Manager.

Turning Point

Important events in life and signposts always come unexpectedly and without warning. This was also the case with the birth of my son. On the day of delivery, serious complications arose. My wife and I feared for the life of our child. I turned to the universe, God, the highest principle, and earnestly prayed for my son to live and be healthy. Our son made it through and is perfectly healthy. In return, I promised that if my son survived and I had proof of the existence of God, I would dedicate my life to serving this highest intelligence.


Audio Engineering Studies (SAE Institute Berlin)

Music and Classical Singing Studies (NBU Sofia) - Bachelor Degree

Yoga training in the tradition of Dhirendra Brahmachari and Swami Sivananda with Ventseslav Evtimov. Kriya Yoga training in the tradition of Panchanan Bhattacharya with Nandikesha Yogi.

Training to become a Reiki Master with Reiki Grand Master Ekaterina Stoyanova

Training in Spiritual Spinal Alignment with Stephan Faulhaber, Naturopath Axel Wolf, and with Richard Willi

Training in Rune-Healing with Richard Willi

Training in Quantum Healing according to Kinslow and Bartlett with Armin Burkard

Training in Hypnosis with Chris Mulzer

Spiritual Healing channeled from Bruno Gröning

Dan Lexow Portrait


My mission is to help you realize your true self. I explain spirituality in simple and clear terms and I teach you methods to positively influence and heal yourself and others in body, mind, and soul.


My vision is to be the number one source for self-realization, spirituality, and holistic health in this galaxy and beyond.


Serve all living beings. Be an enrichment. Be good and do good.

Solid roots, open heart, and clear mind. Source of knowledge, peace, and love. Allow healing to happen. Honesty.

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