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Maha Shakti Energy Healing

Unlock the extraordinary power within you with Maha Shakti, a revolutionary energy healing method founded by me, Dan Lexow. This unique method originates from a cosmic source, transcending traditional healing techniques to bring you profound physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

199,- €

Experience the Power of Maha Shakti

Maha Shakti offers a range of transformative services designed to align your mind, body, and spirit. Each session is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a personalized healing experience.


Chakra Activation & Balancing: Open and activate your chakras to restore energetic harmony.​


Third Eye Awakening: Enhance your intuition and spiritual insight.


Kundalini Activation: Unleash your dormant kundalini energy for profound transformation.


Blockage Clearing: Remove energetic blockages in the body and mind.


Ancestral & Timeline Healing: Heal deep-rooted ancestral trauma and clear timelines.


Emotional & Physical Trauma Resolution: Address and heal emotional and physical wounds.


Past Life Healing: Resolve past life traumas and karmic patterns to achieve greater harmony.

How I Discovered Maha Shakti

My life journey has been anything but ordinary. From a young age, I felt different, as if I didn't belong on Earth. The world around me seemed slow and dense compared to the vibrant energy I naturally resonated with. Throughout my life, my spiritual abilities developed rapidly, allowing me to master various healing techniques such as Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Quantum Healing, Matrix Healing, Russian Informational Medicine, Spiritual Spinal Alignment, and many more at an astonishing pace. Despite my extraordinary abilities, I always yearned to be "normal," but deep down, I knew that my unique gifts set me apart.

In 2024, a transformative trip to Mexico changed everything. I visited a friend who introduced me to a psychic he worked with, someone who was helping him enhance his own spiritual abilities. Upon meeting the psychic, he immediately sensed my extremely strong energy and was almost overwhelmed by it. He confirmed what I had always known deep inside: I am not from this Earth. He revealed that my immense healing abilities stem from my home planet, located two galaxies away. He told me I had a mission to do a lot of good on Earth and that I would receive clear instructions from my home planet on how to proceed.

It was true—I had been receiving "downloads" of information all my life. The psychic, who had a background in Santeria and had worked for various governments and wealthy individuals, had turned to helping people with their destinies after paying a big price for his previous actions. His insights resonated deeply with me, affirming my purpose.

Shortly after this meeting, I received detailed instructions on how to use my unique power to heal others. I named this method Maha Shakti, meaning "great power" or "great energy," because of its unparalleled potency. Maha Shakti is more powerful than any energy healing system on earth. With Maha Shakti, chakras can be opened and activated, the third eye can be awakened, kundalini energy can be activated, blockages in the body and mind can be cleared, ancestral trauma, past lifes and timelines can be healed, and emotional and physical trauma can be resolved.

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