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Ultimate Healing

Enjoy the benefits of two powerful healing methods combined.

Experience the Spiritual Spinal Alignment and Maha Shakti in only one session.

299,- €

Ultimate Healing Benefits

Spiritual Spinal Alignment

Spiritual spinal alignment has nothing in common with the flow of energies like Reiki. It occurs on the level of consciousness. As a result, positive effects on the body are immediate.


  • Joint pain and osteoarthritis: knee, hip, ankle, jaw joint

  • Tinnitus, migraines, ADHD, asthma, respiratory disorders

  • Blockages of the spine, atlas, and SI joint (sacroiliac joint)

  • Body misalignments: shoulder, pelvis, leg length discrepancy, and scoliosis

  • Pelvis pain and SI joint during pregnancy and postpartum 

  • Anxiety and depression

Maha Shakti Engery Healing

Unlock the extraordinary power within you with Maha Shakti, a revolutionary energy healing method founded by me, Dan Lexow. This unique method originates from a cosmic source, transcending traditional healing techniques to bring you profound physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.


  • Chakra Activation & Balancing: Open and activate your chakras to restore energetic harmony.

  • Third Eye Awakening: Enhance your intuition and spiritual insight.

  • Kundalini Activation: Unleash your dormant kundalini energy for profound transformation.

  • Blockage Clearing: Remove energetic blockages in the body and mind.

  • Ancestral & Timeline Healing: Heal deep-rooted ancestral trauma and clear timelines.

  • Emotional & Physical Trauma Resolution: Address and heal emotional and physical wounds.

  • Past Life Healing: Resolve past life traumas and karmic patterns to achieve greater harmony.

Feedback from Julius (German)

Julius booked the Maha Shakti Ultimate Healing session and now he reveals his experience and how he is feeling afterwards.

Check this out.

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