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Masterclass Book
Spiritual Spinal Alignment

This webinar is only for people who read the book

"The Spiritual Spinal Alignment – A detailed instruction"

130,- €

I answer all your questions

I have learned and tried many different methods. In this seminar, I will show you the two most effective techniques that you can use individually or even in combination. They always work.


Method of Christ Energy:

This is a method that allows for alignment within a moment. It encompasses not only the spine but the entire body, mind, and soul.


Method of the Ancient Germans:

A very powerful method that involves a magical ritual. I have also had very good experiences with this.

I provide you with unique insights and offer additional information that will help deepen your understanding and gain new perspectives. Together, we will reflect and delve deeply. This way, we ensure that you get the most out of what you have learned.

- Spiritual spinal alignment for self-application

- Performing spine alignment on other people and animals

- Remote transmission of alignment for people and animals

- Initiating other people so they can learn spine alignment

- Unblocking the sacroiliac joint (SI joint)

- Freeing the atlas vertebra

Masterclass Wirbelsäulenaufrichtung
Masterclass Wirbelsäulenaufrichtung
Jul 06, 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
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